What is this course about?

Are you a newcomer in Sweden? Or have you been here for a long time but are still looking for a job? Have you sent in multiple applications but have not even heard from half of them. Did you know that in most cases the reason is probably culture? With this course, we aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Swedish workplace culture. The smallest codes and behaviours which can make or break it for you; workplace traditions which you should know and most of all, the leadership and teamwork that makes a Swedish environment unique.

How will this course help you?

  • Understanding the Swedish Mindset, Cultural Codes and Norms

  • Gaining Swedish social and professional competence

  • Adapting Your Personal Letter and Job Interviews to accommodate Swedish concepts

  • Sustaining and thriving at your new Job in Sweden

What are people saying about us?

Swedish Work Culture

by Visionsfonden

“Swedish Corporate Culture is a project that is cultural innovative and contributes to the sustainable development of society in Helsingborg. It was a project that was much needed in the city and that has never been done before.”

Important for newcomers

Emma Frank Landgren, Helsingborg Stad

"I believe this initiative is very important for our newcomers. This course provide newcomers with valuable knowledge about Sweden and the Swedish work environment, which can be difficult to grasp without guidance."


Participant, Course with Helsingborgs Stad

"The course was wonderful and beneficial and I wish it was there when I first came to Sweden."

Understanding for newcomers

Participant, Course with Helsingborgs Stad

"Please do more of such courses for other groups in order to understand the Swedish working environment and Swedish society for as many newcomers as possible to help them integrate."

Course Outline

Here are some of the topics that you will cover in this course

  • Core Values

  • Swedish Etiquettes

  • Leadership, Teamwork, Communication Styles

  • Unwritten codes, norms, traditions, social habits

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