What is this course about?

Are you a newcomer in Sweden? Or have you been here for a long time but are still looking for a job? Have you sent in multiple applications but have not even heard from half of them. Did you know that in most cases the reason is probably culture? With this course, we aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Swedish workplace culture. The smallest codes and behaviours which can make or break it for you; workplace traditions which you should know and most of all, the leadership and teamwork that makes a Swedish environment unique.

How will this course help you?

  • Understanding the Swedish Mindset, Cultural Codes and Norms

  • Gaining Swedish social and professional competence

  • Adapting Your Personal Letter and Job Interviews to accommodate Swedish concepts

  • Sustaining and thriving at your new Job in Sweden

Who is this course for?

  • Trailing spouses/partners

    Have you moved to Sweden with your already employed partner? Are you wondering how long it could possibly take for you to get employed?

  • Employed but unfamiliar

    Have you already found a job in Sweden but would like to be familiar with the work culture before you join? This course will make your first days much easier!

  • Newcomers and expat residents

    Have you been living in Sweden for a while? Did you come here to study and are now looking for a job? Then you're in the right place!

  • The curious ones

    Are you just curious and interested in learning more about Swedish culture and how it plays a big role in the workplace? Join our course!

What will you learn?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Course

    • Welcome Message

    • Student Walkthrough

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    1. The Swedish Core Values

    • 1.1 Overview of the Swedish Core Values

    • 1.2 Core Values Explained

    • 1.3 The Importance of Core Values

    • 1.4 Top Swedish Core Values

    • 1.5 Finding the Core Values

    • 1.6 Worksheet: Core Values Matter

    • 1.7 Quiz: The Swedish Core Values

    • 1.8 Learning Resources

  • 3

    2. Swedish Social Concepts

    • 2.1 Overview of The Swedish Social Concepts

    • 2.2 The Pillars of the Swedish Work Culture

    • 2.3 Trust

    • 2.4 Trust in the Workplace

    • 2.5 Time Perception

    • 2.6 Law of Jante

    • 2.7 Lagom

    • 2.8 Equality and Lagom

    • 2.9 Impact on Work Culture

    • 2.10 Quiz: Swedish Social Concepts

    • 2.11 Learning Resources

  • 4

    3. The Swedish Leadership

    • 3.1 Overview of Swedish Leadership

    • 3.2 The Lagom Leadership Style

    • 3.3 Decision-Making

    • 3.4 Feedback and Criticism

    • 3.5 Working with a Swedish Leader

    • 3.6 Lead the Way - H&M

    • 3.7 Worksheet: The Swedish Leadership

    • 3.8 Quiz: The Swedish Leadership

    • 3.9 Learning Resources

  • 5

    4. Colleagues

    • 4.1 Overview of Colleagues

    • 4.2 Competition and Excellence

    • 4.3 Planning and taking time

    • 4.4 Quiz: Colleagues

    • 4.5 Learning Resources

  • 6

    5. Communication

    • 5.1 Overview

    • 5.2 Conversation Etiquettes

    • 5.3 Meeting and Efficiency

    • 5.4 Negotiations, Deadlines and Agreements

    • 5.5 Expressing your Opinion

    • 5.6 Worksheet: Communication

    • 5.7 Quiz: Communication

    • 5.8 Learning Resources

  • 7

    6. Adaptation

    • 6.1 Overview of Adaptation

    • 6.2 Resist, Adapt or Assimilate

    • 6.3 Case Study: The Handshake

    • 6.4 Stages of Culture Shock

    • 6.5 Culture Shock Symptoms

    • 6.6 Tips and Advice to reduce culture shock

    • 6.7 Work-Life Balance

    • 6.8 Worksheet: Work.Life Balance

    • 6.9 Quiz: Adaptation

    • 6.10 Learning Resources

  • 8

    7. Unwritten Codes and Norms

    • Overview of Unwritten Codes and Norms

    • 7.2 Unwritten Codes I - Greetings and communication

    • 7.3 Unwritten codes II - Socializing at work

    • 7.4 Unwritten Codes III - Miscellaneous

    • 7.6 Quiz: Unwritten Codes

    • 7.7 Learning Resources

  • 9

    Final Step

    • Congrats!

    • Final Survey

Meet your facilitators

We are Peers Bridge and we welcome you to this course. All three of us are immigrants and have had our own share of navigating through a new environment in Sweden, making mistakes and learning some wonderful things along the way. And we are now very excited to share these tips with you. Read more about our team here.

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Participant, Course with Helsingborgs Stad

"The course was wonderful and beneficial and I wish it was there when I first came to Sweden."

Helpful for newcomers

Participant, Swedish Work Environment (Physical course)

"Please do more of such courses for other groups in order to understand the Swedish working environment and Swedish society for as many newcomers as possible to help them integrate."


Participant, Course with Helsingborgs Stad

"The information was very important and I personally have gained more experience"